Legend of Robot Bird

The most famous project of the Association Octopus is the conceptual design and development of the Robot Bird, socially beneficial robot art for public space, with tin recycling function, authored by Biljana Biba Vicković. After the placement of the first prototype in front of the municipality of Vračar building  on  22nd December 2009, the robot bird has acquired the status of a cultural monument, and is a revolutionary piece of art when it comes to the manner in which the recycling process is conceived by the general public. It performs daily educational ecological function, and more than 200,000 people feed canned robot on annual basis.

The basic idea of the placement of the Robot Bird is to develop public urban space with artistic sculpture that has a practical and promotional role. Robot bird’s secondary function is the separation of waste by collecting and storing tins, which generates annual profit for the purchase of 4 new washing machines.


Green Dream

The Green Dream project has been conceived as a group exhibition of younger generation of Belgrade artists who have presented their views on the relationship between nature and the contemporary trends in arts. They have also presented solutions aimed at animating the attractive public area of the Botanical Garden, “Jevremovac”. Green Dream exhibition on the Planet Earth Day on 22nd April 2009, at the Botanical Garden “Jevremovac”.


ArtEco Recycling Robots

ArtEco robots are conceived for the purpose of educating elementary school children and high school children on the importance of recycling process and the protection of the environment. ArtEco robots author Biljane Bibe Vicković www.8i8abi.com serve for recycling paper, pet and met packaging.

Ticket robot is special because it is made to issue a ticket which is earned after throwing away an recycling material into one of the first three containers. There is a special code in addition to the message on the importance of recycling on the winning ticket. Via this code the public can play a "Green Games" video games with environmental messages through thesite www.oktoopus.org / games.To play the new games need to re-feed ArtEco robot with recycling waste, which the children and citizens through games stimulate the further collection of recycling materials



Results of ecological campaign ’’Recycle really, show what you know”

National Ecological Campaign titled ’’Recycle really, show what you know” is nine month program, which was implemented through a series of bonding activities by means of SENSE program, realized by the Regional Environmental Center.

Program is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and Telenor Foundation organized by the Association of Octopus, MODUS and CDOP supported by the Embassy of Sweden, and the associated partnership support of schools and municipalities Vračar and Soko Banja, the city of Vranje and Pančevo and Robotic Lobaratory of the"Mihajlo Pupin” Institute from Belgrade.



Octopus International Biennial of extended media is meeting old and new tendencies in the latest artistic and technological practices.

Reavue  character of Biennale enable to meet and see the latest artistic developments at home and on the international scene.  
Art practice known as extended media is a term that covers various experiences of the old and the new avant-garde of Fluxus , and neo- Fluxus over mix-media, conceptual art, body art, and video art, to modern concepts of new media art digital arts, interactive media, robotics, video game experiments, hi- tech and bio-chemical experiments, as well as various other directions and orientations of contemporary visual art and technology scene.


Green Games

Green Games competition for the best video game with an ecological message, intended for elementary and high school students of Serbia, is organized by the Association of Octopus, as a part of the campaign "Knowledge for Sustainable Development". School children, forming municipality teams, under the supervision of teachers, had an opportunity to win great prizes for their towns, by creating and realization of video games that will best describe the importance of environmental protection, through the application of informatics, artistic and musical knowledge.