July, August, September and October 2012.

National education campaign "Knowledge for Sustainable Development" was carried
out in partnership with 42 local authorities and 6 higher education institutions, as well as 58 primary and secondary schools.
587 competitors, forming 58 competing teams, took part in Green Games competition.
They have posted 58 video games. This was an establishment of social responsible programming in practice.
During the two-month promotion, 10 500 students have been involved in playin
Green Games and over 650 000 citizens of the Republic of Serbia have been notified or indirectly involved in the project during the voting.
After the campaign, about 5 500 students have become interested to proceed the
development and they have signed up for Green Games online workshops of making video games (in 2012/13).
Within national campaign "Knowledge for Sustainable Development" it will be organized more actions in the next two years, with an aim to improve the quality and to develop policies, that will be an educational system assimilation to the needs of the knowledge society development.
1st award - municipality of Bor
A Robot Bird - socially beneficial robot art for public space, with tin recycling function
donation of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the RBF
Personal awards for competitors
Telenor company cash prize, collected by SMS votes during the Green Games competition
2nd award for municaplity of Knjaževac
3rd award for municaplity of Sokobanja
2 ArtEco recycling robots - donation of the Telenor companies
Personal awards for competitors
Special Award for municipality of Ivanjica (elementary school “Milinko Kušić” from Ivanjica will be awarded, as it’s attended by children with cerebral paralysis, who were actively included in the competitive part of the program)
An ArtEco recycling robot - donation of Telenor company
Personal awards for competitors
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, RBF
U.S Embassy, Belgrade_U.S Department of State
USAID Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)
Telenor Company
Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection