The project ’’Recycle really, show what do you know’’, the customers demand competitive "Reciplet" workshops scheduled 10th 15th 16th and 17 May the municipality Vracar and Sokobanji and cities Pancevo and Vranje, where the next primary schools in Belgrade with the witch, and included 50 other schools in the project municipalities and cities in Serbia. Through the competition in the development of intelligent mobile recycling sculpture-toy for the school yard, the children of regular and special schools will develop creative and motor skills through play and recycling will learn that what is rejected becomes, well, useful and part of a new playground.
The project, recycle really, show what do you know, a national environmental campaign through a series of bonding activities (Competitive "Reciplet" workshops, workshops for socially responsible entrepreneurship in Vranje to launch social business for unemployed mothers of children with disabilities; Accredited Seminar education of teachers and professors in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development of the regional conference in Vranje on waste management; recikle exhibition dedicated vessel in schoolyards cities and municipalities participating in the project) contributes to the process of changing public policy environment at local level according to EU standards and representation gender equality.
The main activity and the final outcome of the project aims to achieve consensus in the implementation of inter-municipal integrated model of systematic collection and waste recycling raw materials from all schools in the municipality of Vranje Sokobanja and, according to the model of Pancevo - PUC "Hygiene," and finding a suitable model for the Belgrade municipality sorcerer, in cooperation with local governments, educational institutions and businesses (recycling of paper, metal and plastic waste), with gender equality advocacy, recycling machines and super-toy-sculpture remains in the yard of the winning schools, enduring value shipped globally in the coming .
The project is implemented by means of SENSE program implemented by the Regional Environmental Center. Program is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) organized by the Association of Octopus, MODUS and CDOP supported by the Embassy of Sweden, and the associated partnership support to municipalities Vracar and Soko Banja, the city of Vranje and Pancevo and Institute Mihailo Pupin'' and'' Metropolitan University, Belgrade.